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To keep ourselves challenged all the time, each year we take a few commissions for creating unique stories of people who decide to tie the knot.

Using our documentary making approach we start with a quick research to identify if our style of storytelling is suitable for the couple. We put a lot of work in in the pre-production phase to capture the essence of personalities as individuals and as a couple. For us it’s not only the wedding day but also all the circumstances that has led the couple to where they are now. But to find out how things came about we need to get to know our characters  a bit better. We look to delve into their personalities and get a flavor of what they’re all about.  Once we have our information, we brainstorm ideas and come up with a script which includes not only events from the wedding day but also key moments of their lives. Based on the script we build a shot list for the wedding day, so when we arrive on the day itself we know exactly what we need to cover and how.

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