Filmmaking is
our passion...

At Heavy Man Films, we believe that the art of storytelling is the single most important means of human communication. With each video we create, our aim is to fully immerse the viewer in the tale we’re telling. We achieve this through our dedication to understanding the many nuances of any given story, looking at it from many perspectives and producing an authentic, evocative and compelling visual narrative. Whether it be a promotional video for social media, a documentary film or a new brand anthem, we will help you tell your story to the world.

Tomek Ciezki - Director / Producer

Tomek is a documentary director with 14 years of experience, specialising in compelling narratives that explore the lives of extraordinary people committed to unconventional paths. Tomek’s passion for storytelling led him to establish Heavy Man Films, where he serves as the managing and creative director.

Over the past three years, he has directed various projects for Irish broadcasters, TG4 and RTÉ. These documentaries are more than mere entertainment; they aim to engage viewers in a deeper understanding of human complexities and passions. Through his work, Tomek offers a thoughtful lens on the world, one that sheds light on lesser-known stories and challenges viewers to see beyond the surface.

Tomek continues to bring his dedication and nuanced storytelling approach to his work, drawing audiences into the intricacies of human experiences. Striking a balance between creativity and authenticity, his films resonate with viewers on both national and international levels.



Arrived into the office to help out on one shoot and we never left him go. A dinger for lighting sets with a keen eye for framing and action shots.  Harry started The Galway Skateboarding Association and is often seen filming on the skating scene in the West.


Director of Photography

Emma is fascinated with pictures, their construction and how they come to be. Whether it’s through film, illustration or video gaming, Emma is making it, playing it or dissecting its origin and design.



Christine is an editing wizard who has a unique talent and passion for piecing human stories together. When not at her editing station she points her focus towards the elegant dance, acrobatics, and music of Capoeira.



Convinced that he has more tea in his veins than blood, Brain is never without a cuppa. When not editing, he is usually strumming a guitar or jotting down story ideas in his notebook.


Writer / Producer

Hails from Cork, but don’t hold it against him. A man of many words and phrases. Even when he thinks he’s not organising, he is organising. He cannot help but be producing.


Boss Bitch

One of the company co-founders. Office mascot and client tester. Loves all the attention she can get.